Vision, Mission and Purpose


In 2020 to be an excellent Study Program in the development of Health and Medicine Science and Technology, based on the Islamic value, reputable in National level, well-known in International level, contributed in the development of the people and the society of Indonesia.


  1. Developing civitas academica to be a perfectly-behaved Islamic scholars
  2. Administering evidence-based education activities in accordance with Indonesia Doctor Competence Standard with the approach of family
  3. Administering research activity with quality and beneficial for the development of technology of information and science
  4. Administering community service that are beneficial for the development of Indonesians’ health and Indonesia itself
  5. Improving the welfare of all employees
  6. Administering a good governance administration

General Purpose

To produce doctors with character, professional, competent, independent, able to work interdisciplinary and able to develop themselves, develop science and the technology of information for the benefit of Indonesia and its citizens.

Specific Purpose

  1. To produce doctors with Islamic behavior, with the competence to understand and to apply basic Islamic value universally or clinic practice in accordance with Muhammadiyah Doctor Character Competence Standard
  2. To produce professional doctors with competence in accordance with Indonesia Doctor Competence Standard and doctor profile under WHO (Five-Star Doctor) and able to work incorporate with other health-related profession
  3. To produce a professional and perfectly-behaved Islamic civitas academica
  4. To develop innovative and applicative research to develop science and technology for the benefit of Indonesia and its citizens
  5. To strengthen Study Program administrative